All done, almost

It rained today for the most part, with an outbreak of sunshine late on.

We opened the champagne this evening though, despite everything going on in the world. At 5.31pm today, I logged off from the office computer.  After 36 years and six months lawyering, I have retired.

Computer closed; coffee cups empty 

The cup on the right of the photograph refers to the Lord Nelson Inn, Southwold, which I have mentioned previously is our favourite pub in the British Isles. As a retirement trip, we should be in Southwold (and the Nellie) in a couple of weeks time, but that seems unlikely to say the least.

In the words of the great Yogi Berra (the baseball player, not the resident of Jellystone Park), “it ain’t over till it’s over”, so it might be more accurate to say I have almost retired.  I do have some consultancy work to do for the firm still.  That said, the heavy lifting is done.

8 thoughts on “All done, almost

  1. One door closes, several more open. Your choice which one you go through not someone telling you. Enjoy what comes next. Steve & Chris


  2. Many Congratulations on this special day Hope the leaving party was a roaring success Much love Mary xxxx

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  3. Congratulations Mr IS, my hubby says you’ll never regret it, he can not understand how he worked he has been so busy doing things now he’s retired.
    Even with lockdown, the Joy’s of having a large garden!
    You will get to the Nellie I’m sure it may take a few more weeks.
    Rachel and Ian


  4. With all or best wishes for a long, restful and fulfilling retirement, you both deserve it. Lucky you to be able to spend it in Wengen. Best wishes. Katie and Christian


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