One small step

We have been let off the leash a little here in the U.K., just one small step towards freedom.  For us, this meant the opportunity to play tennis for the first time since, well, Adam was a lad.

The courts where we play opened today.  Yesterday, it was almost impossible to get through to them on the phone, but at lunchtime all was quiet.

The RAC, Epsom

So the long standing tennis rivalry between the Idle Skiers has picked up once more. It doesn’t happen that often, but I beat Mrs. IS in a short third set, played to break the deadlock from the first two sets.

The restaurants at the RAC are closed still, but afterwards we managed to buy a couple of sandwiches at the half way house on the Coronation golf course.  As we ate them, a deer and its very young fawn emerged from the trees onto the eighteenth fairway.  That was a real surprise.

If all this has to go on much longer, the bears from London zoo will be shopping on Oxford Street.

A hard fought tennis match brought a 3 – 6, 6 – 3, 2 – 0 result in favour of the Idle Skier. It will be different next time, I am afraid.

One thought on “One small step

  1. No tennis here yet, but they were rolling the courts today, so it won’t be long. Free of charge too, apparently, along with the mini-golf.


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