A good walk

Golf courses are under strict rules at the moment, with social distancing required. Most amateur golfers have little trouble with that anyway, as we disappear into the trees in search of the elusive ball.

My golf season got underway today at the RAC.   Under the new regime, the driving range is closed and each of the two courses has a starter to ensure the players stay apart.

So my first shot since early December was made under the watchful eye of one of the club’s professionals.  No pressure at all.

To make things easier, I applied the Idle Skier’s first rule of golf, which is “leave the driver in the bag”.  A five iron from the tee went about 130 yards and slightly to the right of centre of the fairway.  A decent start.  Even the professional seemed relieved.

The Old Course, RAC

It was hot day and as so often when I have not played for a while, my golf was warmish as well.  So it was a good walk, not spoiled at all.  It won’t last, the standard of golf that is, not the weather.

An essential part of golf for most players, in fact possibly the only reason most turn up at all, is the nineteenth hole.  The doors were firmly closed though.  If this lockdown doesn’t end soon, people will be breaking them down.


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