Training day

We had a hike around the parks and commons of south west London today.  It was a training day.

On some less than idle occasions over the last couple of years, I have undertaken a couple of long walks. A 100 kilometres yomp on both occasions, each of which has taken the best part of 24 hours to complete.

The organisers put on seven or eight of these long hauls around the English countryside each year.  In 2020, all events have been cancelled so far.  However, the Idle Skiers are signed up for a 50 kilometre walk at the end of September, starting and finishing in Henley and taking in the Chiltern hills.

We have no idea at all at the moment whether it will take place, but we thought we might get a few kilometres under our belts just in case.

Richmond Park at mid-day

On a blustery morning, which improved no end towards mid-day and then turned to heavy showers in the afternoon, we did a couple of circuits of Richmond Park, before leaving through the Robin Hood Gate, crossing the A3 and making our way home via Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath.

We covered about 27 kilometres in total, which is the furthest we have been on foot for a while.  Skiing is far easier, but the June snow in Putney and Wimbledon is notoriously poor.

A similar trip is planned soon, probably just because it is there to be done.  The Chiltern hills might have to wait until next year.

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