The rules for England’s lockdown changed yesterday, so we were able to escape Putney for the first time since, well, before we can remember, or so it seems.

In the last hundred days or so we have done not very much at all; some tennis, some golf (me anyway), some runs and walks.  In the last week or so we have met up with friends in “socially distanced” gardens.

On Saturday morning, we were on the motorway when dawn broke.  The roads were packed later in the day by all accounts, with as many as a third of all cars in the country out and about, but England was still sleeping during our journey.  We were in the North by mid-morning; as we crossed into Lancashire the rain lashed down on the M6. Plus ca change, as they say here in Morecambe Bay.

Grey remembered hills

Today the sun shone, it rained as well and the wind blew nicely. All in all, a typical  day on the Lancashire coast. We are back in London in a day or so, but the government has given us further freedoms.  What next I wonder?

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