116 days later

We have made it back to the mountains, 116 days after we left.  it is good to be here, even though it is a grey old night and the rain is falling

On the Sunday in March we spent travelling to Zurich for our return to London, we saw perhaps fifty people in total.  Today seemed a normal day.  True, the plane from Heathrow was only two thirds full and the arrivals hall at Zurich had far more luggage trollies than passengers, but the trains were busy and Wengen bustling when we arrived in the mid-afternoon.

The Lauterbrunnen valley in the late afternoon

It promises to be a sunny day tomorrow and busy as well. It is holiday time here and people are spending their days close to home.  It might be time to hit the hay now.  With an early check in required at Heathrow, we have been on the go for nearly seventeen hours. We have also a tennis court booked for the morning.

2 thoughts on “116 days later

  1. Glad to see your back in Wengen, and almost back to normal or at least the new normal. Enjoy the tennis
    Regards Ian and Rachel. Paula and Damian send their regards from their canal boat!


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