In thunder, lightning or in rain

Last night, shortly after I closed down the lap top, the thunder returned with a vengeance. The whole chalet shook for a while, the floor plates reverberating in time with the violent weather.

Still, this morning was bright and sunny. Our plan for the day was to walk to Interlaken and back again, as some training for our 50 kilometre hike in September. That is an event which has not been cancelled yet, so we are hoping for the best.

It was another night of disrupted sleep though and our planned early start ended up as a 9.45am kick off. We headed down the path to Lauterbrunnen and just before the two remote chalets on that path, we diverted onto the steep route to Zweilutschinen.

The morning went awry then.  I stepped on to a manhole cover, which gave way promptly, turning on its axis and sending me into the drop below.  The fall was halted by my outstretched arms, but I was still almost below ground level.  Underneath me, a small mountain stream was running quickly.

I managed to climb out and a brief damage assessment revealed only a swollen elbow, so we carried on.  We were a long way behind schedule though and it looked like a late finish, so we called a halt in Interlaken, did some shopping at the Co-op and took the train home.

The Lutschine at Wilderswil

We were back in the chalet by 4.30pm, where a further inspection revealed some additional bumps and scrapes. I headed for the shower, where I stayed well clear of the plug hole.

Tomorrow is a tennis day, assuming I can move in the morning.

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