Thirty five degrees

We played tennis this morning and even at 10.00am, it was hot.  After that, we met up with friends for a quick cup of coffee, enjoyed the air conditioning at the Co-op briefly and staggered home in the mid-day heat.

Summer’s day

In the afternoon, it was nearly 35 degrees in the shade on our balcony. We checked the temperature in Cyprus and it was warmer here than on an island not far from the Middle East.

Tomorrow, 1 August, is Swiss National Day, the anniversary of the Federal Charter.  This evening, the flags were out in the village already and a steady stream of weekenders decanted themselves from the trains.

It is forecast to be hot again and Wengen will be busy it seems.  A walk is planned, but I am still suffering the after effects of last week’s fall.  Tennis is fine and uphill is okay, but downhill is a struggle.  I might be a quiet day, for the Idle Skier at least.


One thought on “Thirty five degrees

  1. Thunderstorms are all around us and the lightening spectacular. A cooler day is forecast of 26 degrees so a nice long walk along the Humber is on the cards


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