Cats and dogs

The weather forecast was poor today. The MeteoSwiss rainfall bar chart suggested it would be raining cats and dogs for most of the time. Still though, at breakfast, it was fine, although grey and unpromising.

This morning was the first morning after last week’s fall on which I didn’t feel as if I had been run over by a steam roller, so despite the forecast, I headed out for a walk. Mrs IS, taking heed of the promised cats and dogs, stayed at home. 

I took the cable car to Mannlichen, with few worries as to social distancing, and walked the longer route to Scheidegg, via the top of the Tschuggen lift and, what in winter, is the Arven red piste.

Above Arven

It did rain hard. There were a few other walkers around, but not many.  The absence of tourists from the Far East meant Scheidegg was almost deserted. The Jungfraujoch train which came down the mountain just as I started for Wengenalp had ten passengers at the most.

It was one of those days when the rain seems to be layered, changing in intensity with altitude and the differing terrain.  At the old cafe Oberland, it was more or less solid and it seemed as though I could swim home from there.

Tomorrow promises even more rain.

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