The weather has been changeable for the last couple of days. The sun has shone and then the thunder and lightning has rolled in. We have tried to match our walks and tennis to the weather, not always successfully.

The other day, shortly after running into some friends in the Lauterbrunnen valley and following a quick coffee break at the Trummelbach falls cafe, we were caught in a big storm. We had just managed to put on our wet weather gear before the rain hit.  Around here, in this sort of weather, if you are still fishing the jacket and over trousers out of the rucksack when the rain arrives, it is too late and you might as well not bother.

Today was set fair though,
 according to Meteo Swiss.  In fact, it was pretty warm, though not like the intense heat of last weekend. I walked down to Lauterbrunnen, took the cable car to Grutschalp, then the top path to Allmendhubel and on to Murren.

On the path to Allmendhubel 

This was a new venture. Mrs IS has done the walk in the past, but for me, until today, it was just a sign post. It was well worthwhile though, with a long uphill stretch in the cool of the trees and then spectacular views all the way to Murren.

Lunch was on a bench in Murren, the village being busy, but not in the same way as our last visit a couple of weeks ago.  In the afternoon, I took the path along the side of the railway line.  It was quiet, except for the cyclists on this non cycling path.  Things are not what they used to be, even in Switzerland.


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