Homeward bound

The sun shines on Wengen this morning, but for the Idle Skiers our day is taken up by a trip to Zurich airport and a flight to London.  After nearly five weeks, we are on our way home.  Why now?  Well, the need to quarantine in England when returning from Switzerland seems a possibility very soon, and we didn’t like the idea of doing the time.

Gone again

The U.K. government’s policy on the pandemic is described as “whack a mole”. Whilst I don’t think they could change much in their approach, it is more like “pin the tail on the donkey” with its seemingly random effect on people’s lives.

In the last five weeks, the sun has shone more often than not and we have covered some dusty mountain paths. Now we hope for the weather to turn sooner rather than later and for snow to be thick on the ground by November. Fingers crossed.

One thought on “Homeward bound

  1. Hi Clive
    I am afraid it does look like Switzerland is going to be on the quarantine list by this weekend. We were hoping to go in September for a walk or two but looks like it’s going to be Ourgate instead.
    Hope you enjoyed your stay and are fully recovered from your manhole incident!
    Oh Damian and Paula are on their narrow boat, again they have spent most of summer travelling the canals of England
    Rachel and Ian


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