Twenty years ago, Polzeath had a hippy feel to it. All was peace and tranquillity. Similar to California, I expect, but with more pasties. Today, smart houses, which cost well in to seven figures, line the bay and the place has been spruced up enormously. The reasons for going there remain the same though; a fantastic beach and great waves.

The coastal weather has beaten the forecast again. After the rain at the weekend, it has been fine and today, the sun shone. We went to Polzeath and hired some body boards. We were not alone. It is a working day and not yet the half term holidays (if they are allowed to happen), but the beach car park was packed and the sea equally busy. We seemed to be the youngest people in the water; the “grey” surfing market has taken off enormously in the last decade.

Polzeath beach in the afternoon

In the afternoon, the tide receded, the clouds rolled in and it rained eventually, but by then, it didn’t matter much. Tomorrow is the Idle Skier’s birthday and accordingly, through force of habit of many years, it is back to the Polzeath waves.

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