Wengen in autumn

We have been here for nearly a week now and have managed a few walks in the sun, the days being alternately bright but cold and pretty miserable.

Today, we walked towards Mettenalp, but at the turning where we often head for the Trummelbach falls, we turned back instead towards Innerwengen. It was early in the day and the walk was mainly in the shadow of the mountains. A hard frost covered the hillside from just above Allmend.

The Lauterbrunnen valley on Monday

The snow cannon are in place now on the pistes. It looks like it might be a warm few days ahead though, so the snow making (and real snowfall) are still a while off yet.

Schoenberg sheep

On the lower pastures, sheep are still grazing. Like the cows, they wear bells, but unlike the cows, their bells ring more or less constantly as they munch the grass. The sound from a small flock is random of course, but seems to be a series of atonal compositions, in the tradition of Schoenberg and others. The village only celebrates Mendelssohn’s time here. That needs to change, clearly.

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