Waiting for winter

For the last week or so, we have enjoyed a late summer here in Wengen. Our routine has not been that different from August, with long walks interspersed by a chance to catch up on our reading in the afternoon sun. The only thing missing has been tennis, with the courts being closed for a while now.

That is all well and good, but the ski season should be kicking off soon (events in the wider world permitting) and just at the moment, there does not seem much chance of that happening on time. Last night, things changed a little. It rained in the village and higher up, it snowed. The forecast shows the weather becoming colder, with a little more snowfall. Fingers crossed for that.

Today, Mrs IS had some Pilates commitments, so I had a solo yomp around the valley. I walked down to Lauterbrunnen, up to Winteregg, on to Murren, down to Stechelberg, back to Lauterbrunnen and up to the village.

The view from Murren

Hopefully, that is about the last long distance hike this year. It really is time to dust down the skis and get on with the real business of the mountains in winter.

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