Kleine Scheidegg

The morning dawned bright and very cold. We decided to walk to Scheidegg to see how things stood after the snow over the last couple of days.  We didn’t have the best of starts; on the steep hill which links the Hotel Baren with the old Hirschen hotel we skittered around like novice ice skaters on the frozen tarmac. 

In the end, we took the long way round and once on to the snow proper, all was well.  The snow guns were working on the pistes almost to the village and even the long, fairly tedious path to Scheidegg seemed pretty special in the sun. Despite the cold, it is not really winter yet around here, but at least it looked a little bit like the ski resort it is meant to be.  

From above the bridge at Wixi

There is not much snow in the weather forecast for what seems like an eternity, but it looks set to stay fairly cold, so with any luck modern technology will produce some skiable pistes. We hope for the best.

One thought on “Kleine Scheidegg

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Is it looks like we are not going to make Christmas this year doe to Covid but as soon ad we are able we will be over there. The snow is starting to look h
    Good over at klein Schiedegg. Hopefully theres loads more snow on the way to you.


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