A cold day, at last

I have tried before to avoid talking about the weather, but at a time when the Idle Skiers are hoping for a bit (hopefully a great deal) of snow, it is a difficult subject to avoid. 

So here we go.  After a week of seemingly uninterrupted sunshine, we woke to a hard frost and heavy cloud. Wengen was a colder place than it has been for a while.  A quick check of the webcams showed clear skies higher up the mountain, but Mrs IS decided pretty quickly on a day at home.

From near the Leiterhorn, again

Cloud without snowfall has little to recommend it and so I went in search of the sunshine.  The quickest route seemed to be to repeat our walk of a few days ago to the Leiterhorn.  Just above the last farms on the steep path, the cloud finished.  People were thin on the ground, but the local wildlife was out and about and enjoying the Sunday morning.  About the only sound on the climb out of the village was the slightly mournful peal of church bells from Lauterbrunnen.  


2 thoughts on “A cold day, at last

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs Is

    Glad to know the weather is getting colder over there at last.
    It’s also foggy and damp over hear in th UK. Desperately sad we all cannot go over in three weeks time but hopefully you will have a snowy Christmas.
    Ours will be spent in our wooden chalet in the paddock hopefully, it will ge strange as it will be the first in England for over 30 years.


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