Still more about the weather

It seems a topic which is impossible to avoid, the weather, no matter how hard I try so to do.   It has snowed in Wengen, on and off, over the last few days and at the moment it seems like winter.  Today, the sun has shone but it has been cold all day.  However, that harbinger of doom, otherwise known as Meteo Swiss, predicts the foehn wind will blow over the next twelve hours or so, which could wreak enormous damage to the still fragile snow conditions.


It didn’t seem likely in the morning sun. The anvil shaped cloud which sits above the Eiger normally when the wind is on its way was missing and all was calm. However, the bird life knows a thing or two about the local conditions and comes down to the village from the mountain when the wind threatens. This afternoon, the coughs were lined up on our balcony railing like bit part actors from The Birds.

Fingers crossed that the weathermen and the wildlife have both got it wrong.

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