Let it snow

The Jungfrau region seems to have a unique weather pattern, which defies logic and forecasts. Often, when snow is promised, little or nothing arrives.  Last night, a little snow was forecast, but in fact it arrived by the truck load.

Near Arven in the early afternoon

This morning, the railway to Scheidegg was closed while the tracks were dug out. The cable car was running, unexpectedly (for me anyway), as the Mannlichen pistes are not open until next weekend. It offered an off piste run all the way to the new Eiger Express, but with so much fresh snow and poor light, the prospect seemed above my pay grade.

In the end though, the railway came to the rescue and the 10.54am train headed for Scheidegg, albeit with a long delay at Wengenalp.  The pistes were busy for a snowy Sunday, but by mid afternoon, the Swiss skiers were on their way home for a working day tomorrow.  More snow is forecast tonight.

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