Missing, believed stolen

This morning, the trains were delayed again. The foehn wind was blowing and even in the village the trees were bending in the wind.

The weather calmed down though and the 9.48am train left on time. At Scheidegg, the Lauberhorn lift was still closed when the train arrived, leaving only Arven and Eigernordwand as possible routes to the pistes. Worse than that though, the snowy landscape of yesterday was missing. The wind had yet again stolen the snow from the peaks and ridges.

The top of Honegg, snow missing

Lauberhorn opened by late morning, but the top of the lift revealed more devastation. The pistes are still in good condition, but the rest of the mountain looks bleak. More snow is forecast. Incredibly, we need it.

A sunny day following a windswept night brought 5,857 vertical metres in in 20 lift rides and 37 kilometres travelled.

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