Eiger Express

Today was a sunny, cold day in the mountains. Although it is mid-week, a fair number of skiers turned up to cover the few pistes which are open. The rest of the hill is awakening slowly though and today I ventured to Grund, via Brandegg, to try out the new Eiger Express.

On the way to Grund

The base station for the new lift is even more like an airport terminal than the top station I took a look at the other day. It has plenty of shops, bars and restaurants. It just needs a duty free shop.

The journey is spectacular, with a unique view of the Eiger. The commentary and music in the cabin weren’t really necessary – the view is enough – but the fifteen minute journey seemed to disappear in a fraction of that time.

Later, I discovered that the lift is not covered by Skiline, at least at the moment. What are the prospects of the Idle Skier taking this lift again in the near future? Slim, I would have thought.

Another winter’s day brought 7,126 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 40 kilometres travelled.

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