It is Friday. I am writing that for my own benefit. Without the occasional check, around here, time becomes lost in the clouds; days and weeks merge into one.

The clouds dominated today. The morning kicked off with a bit of sunshine, but by mid-day a grey sky was the only thing on offer. I was skiing in the Punch Bowl when the lights went out and slowed progress to the Eigernordwand lift. On a morning in December, that piste, in the shadow of the north face, is grey at the best of times, but today it seemed that dusk had arrived early.

Arven and the Eiger Expresss on a grey afternoon

The few of us skiing this morning ploughed on through the gloom. Snow seems a possibility tomorrow. This is good news. Too much snow is a rare event and, at the moment, we certainly welcome it still.

A grey skiing day brought 6,022 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 40 kilometres travelled.

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