The skiing opened on Mannlichen today.  Sadly, nobody told the pisteurs and the slopes were like ploughed fields in places.

Apart from that minor inconvenience, all was well.  Even though it was a grey, indifferent morning, the light was good.  Which is useful, when skiing a ploughed field.  Not every piste was open and the Tschuggen T bar was operating only as a link from Scheidegg, with the excellent pistes at each end  of the Gummi chair still closed.

From Wixi

I thought I had seen enough of Scheidegg for a while, but this afternoon, it was a relief to leave the Gummi chair and find crisp snow, deep and even.  As a bonus, Wixi was open for the first time this season, so I spent a happy hour on this nicely varied piste.  Eventually, the light disappeared, along with the few skiers who had ventured out today.

A bumpy morning and a smooth as silk afternoon brought 7,321 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 39 kilometres travelled.  

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