Dark into light

It was a dark morning. Breakfast at the Idle Skiers’ home was eaten with the lights on. I headed for the hill more in hope than expectation. However, in what seemed a minute after arriving at Mannlichen, the sun was shining on the Murren side of the valley.

It crept around the side of the Eiger and there we were, all ten of us on the hillside, bathed in unexpected sunshine. It was warmish, but the snow was good. It was a great morning’s skiing.

The sun returns in the afternoon

Shortly after midday, the clouds rolled in and that looked like it for the day. Yet again though, the sun rallied and as the time for closing the lifts drew near, the skiing was as good as it had been all day.

An unexpectedly good day brought 10,311 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 56 kilometres travelled.

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