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The rules changed here in Switzerland today, or at least the changes were announced, taking effect early next week.  Amongst other things, bars and restaurants will close and face masks seem to be compulsory at all times save when asleep. 

The good news is that the hill stays open, for now at least.  The mountain restaurants will close, but the lifts and pistes will be in business.  It will be fascinating to see what effect that has on the number of skiers. It has long seemed that many people enjoy a couple of runs in the morning and a good lunch. Without the good lunch, will they still come here?  I suspect that they will and the picnic benches will be busy.

It was another beautiful day in Wengen. Mrs IS was off with the larks again, but I was delayed waiting for a parcel, which never did arrive. At 11.00am, I cracked and headed for the cable car.

Another day in the sun

A few days ago the author David Cornwall, better known as John Le Carre, died in Truro. He had long owned a home in Wengen, but in these unusual times, his death seems to have gone unnoticed largely. Maybe that is because, in the manner of the former spy he was, he went about his life here without the fuss of celebrity.

A day shortened by a lack of post brought 7,948 vertical metres in 17 lift rides and 42 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “More events

  1. Take care over there Mr and Mrs Is, it’s looking like the UK will be back in full lockdown soon.

    Enjoy the skiing whilst you can!


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