Is it Saturday?

Today, it seemed most people celebrated the news that the skiing remains open by staying away from the mountain.  It is definitely Saturday, I have checked my diary, but the mountain was much quieter than normal on this first day of the weekend.  Bonigen ski club turned up, of course, but not many others. 

However, back in the village, people had been arriving for Christmas week.  Again, it is not like the usual pre-holiday weekend, but at Central Sport, where we keep our skis, the hire racks were occupied for the first time this season.  

                                                           From Tschuggen T bar at mid day. 

The Co-op has been closed on Sundays for weeks. Originally, through lack of business and latterly through government requirement. This evening, with a few more people around and a maximum of 25 people in the store at any one time, the queue outside stretched to the railway bridge.

There is a downturn in the weather forecast for tomorrow. Maybe the new holiday makers will spend the day unpacking their shopping.

A quiet Saturday in the sun brought 10,152 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.

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