Seaside squalls

It has been similar to the English seaside for the last couple of days, grey for the most part with rain last night.  Today the foehn wind blew. On the Mannlichen four man chair this morning, the strong gusts made the wires and towers sing like rigging on a yacht. 

None of this has done much good for the snow conditions, which have deteriorated to the point it is difficult to believe a metre or more of snow has fallen this season.  

                                                                          Peaks lost in cloud

The forecast is mixed at best for the next couple of days, with some sun forecast for tomorrow and then more rain. There might be a Christmas present of some snow at the end of the week. We hope indeed that winter returns soon.

Two days reminiscent more of the English coast than the Swiss alps brought 20,473 vertical metres in 42 lift rides and 104 kilometres travelled.

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