Christmas Eve

In the Clement Clarke Moore children’s poem, best used in the early 1940s classic Tom and Jerry cartoon, The Night Before Christmas, nothing was stirring on Christmas Eve.  It was pretty much like that in Wengen today. 

The evening rain yesterday turned to snow in the early hours of the morning.  Things looked promising if grey and cold as morning broke.  It turned out to be more than promising, pretty good in fact, but the hill was quieter than ever. 

                                                                 From Tschuggen at mid-day

In the afternoon, the sun showed up for a while. The skiing was at its best, Wixi in particular being worth a lift ride or two.

A day when nothing stirred brought 10,008 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 50 kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Christmas Eve

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs IS

    Fröhliche Weihnachten as we would normally say we’re having our traditional fondue in the log cabin and IT’S SNOWING outside!
    Someone up there is looking down on us all. (Note its England so a few flakes is all we are going to get)


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