When Saturday comes

This morning, the last of yesterday’s cloud and snow lingered on.  When Mrs IS’s alarm went at 7.30am, it seemed still to be dark. She was off for the train to Scheidegg whilst I was still finding the light switches. 

The day cleared quickly though, becoming bright and very cold.  It being Saturday, the local skiers were here and the mountain was busy.  It wasn’t like a normal Christmas holiday, when the local skiers are supplemented by thousands of holiday makers, but after the last few days, the pistes seemed full to overflowing.  

                                                          Below Wengenalp in the late afternoon 

It was the coldest day on the hill for a long time. In the afternoon, moguls were everywhere, each one occupied by a skier, and the well travelled parts of the pistes became slick and icy. Late on, the clouds returned to form a haze over the valley.

A day of cold queues and impressive moguls brought 6,751 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 35 kilometres travelled.

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