Foehn wind

Late yesterday the foehn wind was blowing.  The forecast was for it to be bad still this morning, but the weather was calm when the Idle Skiers woke, with just a uniform grey sky.  For once, the wind had been less fierce than expected and the damage to the snow was slight.

That might have been it for the day, but instead we had most of the weather which winter has to offer, with the aforementioned grey sky, some sunshine, heavy snow and a complete white out. 

                                                            From Wixi as the sky cleared

All day yesterday I was struggling with an old injury. Turns to the left were painful particularly, so bad that above the Gummi chair, I failed to make the turn at all and had a skis off, yard sale type fall which left me some distance below my skis. Last night, Mrs IS prescribed some Pilates exercises and though as painful as the injury, they worked a treat. Today, to my relief, was a normal skiing day, just about anyway. I have though an appointment with the physio in a few days.

A pain free day, more or less, brought 6,426 vertical metres in 13 lift rides and 33 kilometres travelled.

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