Good in parts

This morning seemed the first really busy day of the season. There was a queue for the cable car, which has not happened since last season. Okay, the rules have changed and only fifty people are allowed in the building at any one time, but today, the rules were tested for once.

                                                                    Windswept ridges 

It was a Curate’s egg sort of a day, good in parts. Sadly, the parts didn’t marry up at all. On Mannlichen, the snow was good, but everyone who had waited for the cable car then went on to wait for the four man chair. Over at Scheidegg, it was quiet. However, the wind had done its work overnight and the slopes were scraped bare. On Wixi, hard moguls were linked by ice. The run to Innerwengen made up for things though, with great snow and more falling as dusk closed in early.

A day of long, cold queues and plenty of ice brought 5,320 vertical metres in 14 lift rides and 30 kilometres travelled.

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