New Year’s Eve

This difficult year has signed off as well as possible for the skiers of Wengen. Early cloud gave way to sunshine and the skiing was good for those who made the effort.  It was bitterly cold again.  I am not sure if it was colder than yesterday; I had on as many layers as possible whilst still permitting movement, so my judgement was impaired slightly by plenty of padding.  

                                                               The sun arrives at Mannlichen 

I doubt many people will miss 2020. Maybe the coming year will be better, we can only hope. For the Idle Skiers, tonight is an early night. Whether we will be off to the mountain promptly in the morning is yet to be seen. This evening, people were heading home with bags of rockets and the bombardment has started already. Usually, things calm down only in the early hours of the morning, so sleep may be at a premium tonight as on every New Year’s Eve.

The final ski day of 2020 brought 7,265 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.

Happy new year everyone.

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