New Year’s Day

On any given New Year’s Day, Wengen is quiet.  The late night partying to see out the old year attends to that.  

Last night, the rockets were being carried home, along with beer and champagne from the supermarket.  So although the bars were closed, at homes around the village, I suspect that the end of 2020 was much the same as any other year.  In the Idle Skiers’ neck of the woods, the ordnance was heading skyward as always, but perhaps not as heavily as in years past. 

                                                             Clouds in the afternoon 

This morning, contrary to the forecast, the sun was out and about. A quiet cable car led to quiet slopes and so it continued for the day. In the afternoon, the clouds rolled in, but it was a good start to whatever skiing 2021 has to offer.

The year started with 5,611 vertical metres in 12 lift rides and 33 kilometres travelled.

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