Best day

The sky was a uniform battleship grey this morning.  Again, we had the lights on whilst we ate breakfast.  The mountain didn’t seem promising, but there was no harm trying.

Not many people seemed to agree and I was straight on to the cable car, with no Saturday morning queue at all.  Near the Mannlichen ridge, we emerged into a clear blue sky.  The sun was making its way around the mountain, the snow was near perfect and there were a handful of people skiing. The usual local ski clubs had taken the day off.

                                                                   From the Lager chair

It was the best day of the season so far, possibly as it was so unexpected. In the afternoon, the cloud made its way up the hill and Wixi was fog bound on the way home, but that was okay.

A day which turned out to be a real bonus brought 6,144 vertical metres in 15 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.

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