On manoeuvres

It was cold again today. The pistes were in good order and quiet. The weekenders seem to have left for the most part, although the local holidays continue for a few days yet. The village is still well occupied though as the army, and its civilian public service equivalent, are here for a while.

The Lauberhorn World Cup weekend is on the horizon; in a little under two weeks, the races will be upon us. In a normal year, if such a thing exists, it seems hard to remember, it is a case of battening down the hatches as the village is invaded by race goers and party goers (probably more of the latter).

This year the races are scheduled to happen as usual, but without the attendant crowds. The army and others, including many volunteers, are working hard. There are fewer of them this year, as the task is much reduced. There is no need for spectator facilities and sponsors tents. The race courses need building and, in place of the public stand at Innerwengen, a very large marquee has appeared. Doubtless, the FIS need a place to call home.

New snow

It has not snowed for a while now. The cannons continue to work, but some of the real stuff would be good. The race organisers might not agree with that sentiment, of course.

Another sunny day from the freezer cabinet brought 10,381 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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