Cold days

This has to be the most sustained period of cold weather in Wengen for many years.  This morning, at about 8.00ish, it was minus seven degrees on the balcony. On the mountain, it was much colder. 

The chilly start to the day resulted in few skiers early on.  The physical activity of skiing warms the body normally, but this morning was the opposite.  The wind chill was impressive.  

Yesterday’s cloud and today’s clear skies

After yesterday’s cloud and light snow, it was a clear blue day. In the afternoon it was busier as some day trippers and the Wengen ski club ventured out. It seemed warmer as well, but it might be that I was numb to the cold by then.

Two bitterly cold days brought 16,950 vertical metres in 35 lift rides and 95 kilometres travelled.

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