Short intermission

Those of us with who have been around long enough will remember when television channels, the few there were, had occasional short intermissions between programmes. A film of a potter’s wheel was shown often. 

Well, this blog has had its potter’s wheel moment over the last couple of days. Frankly, I thought the appetite for ramblings about skiing and cold days might be limited as the world descends further into chaos and the pandemic does more than lap at the doors of our mountain hideaway.  Anyway, a few people have been kind enough to enquire as to the blog’s absence, so we are back in business.  

I have commented before on the ironies which seem to play out here on a regular basis.  This season really takes the biscuit. We have the coldest weather and the best snow for years.  More snow is forecast for this week, although, as always, we will believe it when we see it.

Yet through force of circumstance there is hardly anyone here to enjoy it.  Yesterday was the quietest Saturday I can remember.  Today, at about 4.20pm, I walked down the high street with hardly another soul in sight. 

The local businesses should be enjoying a boom time, but instead are struggling.  What the future holds for the village seems uncertain. When habits, such as expensive ski holidays, are broken, they are often difficult to reinstate. 

                                                                Blue skies, no skiers

Today was remarkably cold yet again. The Idle Skiers enjoyed a great morning before skiing to the village at about 1.00pm. Mrs IS called it a day then, but I was back on the cable car for a second time around the Mannlichen-Scheidegg circuit. Late in the afternoon, I skiied alone to Innerwengen. Apart from a few people working on the racecourse, the mountain was empty.

Three remarkably chilly days have brought 27,356 vertical metres in 60 lift rides and 155 kilometres travelled.

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