Still more snow

The cable car was busy today, all eight of us waiting for 9.45am departure.  The railway from Wengen to Scheidegg was closed by avalanche risk, so that probably accounted for the extra skiers.   It had snowed through the night and has continued to do so all day.

Visibility was marginally better at Mannlichen than yesterday, although the the cloud came and went.  At times, it seemed as if the day might clear but, mid morning, Bigfoot on a snowboard might have passed me and I wouldn’t have noticed. 

                                                         On the way to Grund 

I had the bright idea of heading for Grund, with a long ski in better light. I had just enough time to catch the next train back to Scheidegg. As it turned out, the snow was poor below Holenstein, much as it had been when I last headed that way three weeks or more ago. To add insult to injury, the train I was aiming for was cancelled.

Lunch was eaten standing in the car park at Grund. It was the gilded side of skiing so often written about in the Sunday newspaper colour supplements.

A day of great snow, give or take a run to Grund, and otherwise indifferent conditions brought 4,601 vertical metres in 11 lift rides and 30 kilometres travelled.

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