The best skiing

It snowed during the night and all day.  The clouds were low and, at times, the snow fell so heavily as to resemble a solid mass. 

First thing, Mannlichen was lost in gloom and I made the rare decision to take the train to Scheidegg.  The light didn’t seem much better there, although Arven and Lauberhorn offered some visibility. Eigernordwand was fog bound. 


In the afternoon, Wixi was silky smooth, but the best skiing of the day was on the way home. Bumps was a powder field, with the trees giving perspective to the dark afternoon. Even better was the run to Innerwengen, with the bow wave of snow from my skis reaching shin height.

It wasn’t an easy, high mileage day, but it was the best skiing we have had this season. Deep snow brought 5,346 vertical metres in 25 lift rides and 41 kilometres travelled.

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