The incredibly good skiing conditions continued today. The sun shone, it was warmer than it has been for a while (though that might not be a good thing) and the snow was in great condition again.

The run to Grund below the Tschuggen T bar didn’t open at all last season and maybe not the season before that. It is a while since I have been there, possibly longer than two seasons, but today a couple of trips down to the Eiger Express (happily now on Skiline) reminded me how good that route to the Grindelwald is really.

Below Tschuggen, on the way to Grund

The Eiger Express takes skiers to Blackrock, another piste which has not been open for a while. A run which is always quiet, today was more or less deserted. Second time around, I had the piste to myself.

The forecast for tomorrow is that the wind will blow strongly. It has been a while since it turned up, but it will not be any more welcome for that.

A day of long runs and quick lift rides brought 10,990 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 65 kilometres travelled.

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