Squally weather

On Mannlichen this morning, it was like a squally day at the seaside. There was sunshine, but also passing cloud and a chilly wind which whipped up the snow on the ridge at Lager.

For a change though, the wind wasn’t strong enough to close down the mountain. The only lift not running was Honegg, which didn’t make much difference to a mountain again empty of skiers.

                                                                   On Wixi 

This weekend should see the Inferno races in Murren. They are hugely popular. The main race, normally on Saturday, takes several hours for all the skiers to pass beyond the start gate. Inevitably, it has been cancelled. Not only the races have been abandoned, the ski area at Murren is closed partly as well, with Birg and the Schilthorn open only at weekends, such is the dearth of customers.

A breezy, sunny day brought 10,355 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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