Foehn wind, again

The Idle Skier was off bright and early this morning and Mrs IS wasn’t far behind. We met up at the top of the Mannlichen chair.  The snow was good and there was some sunshine, although the foehn wind blew yet again.

We thought the wind had closed the Lager chair, but instead that seems to have been broken.  The usual foehn cloud hung over the Eiger.  The new electronic information boards, installed this season at all the lifts, showed Honegg and Wixi to be closed, with the Lauberhorn chair joining them in the late morning.

                                                                 #      Foehn clouds

Mrs IS took the cable car down at lunchtime, but I stuck around on Mannlichen enjoying an afternoon of pale sunshine and quiet pistes. At Scheidegg later on, the weather had improved, but on Wixi at the end of the day, the wind was Herculean.

A breezy day brought 8,635 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

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