Narrow horizons

Back in the U.K. the nation is tied to home by government edict. Here in Wengen, we are luckier and have more freedom. People come and go from the village, the hotels at least are open and the skiing sets us all free.

Still though, we seem to have narrowed our horizons. Our daily routine takes in the walk to the ski room at Central Sport, the Mannlichen-Scheidegg ski circuit and the two supermarkets. The world has been reduced to a few square kilometres.

By this stage of the season, we would have been normally to Murren a couple of time at least and, as the days lengthen, a trip to Furst would be in the offing. I cannot say we have made a decision consciously not to make those trips, but they haven’t happened, or been planned even, and that seems likely to be the case for a while at least.

The wide, wide world beyond Wengen

The sun shone again today in our small world. As yesterday, I met Mrs. IS at the top of the Mannlichen chair a little after 10.00am and we skied the Mannlichen pistes. It was busier than it has been for a while, but as midday came and went, it quietened as always. As now seems the case everyday, the run to Innerwengen in the afternoon was more or less deserted.

Another sunny day in Wengen brought 10,350 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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