Cold enough?

It was cold today, could enough for just about anybody. Meteo Swiss were on the mark again, with temperatures on the mountain falling below minus ten degrees centigrade.

The forecaster’s accuracy makes the promise of rain on Thursday all the more disappointing. The reality might be different, but probably won’t be, and a month of real winter seems about to end for a while at least.

  From Tschuggen at midday 

Few people beat a path to Wengen today.  The cable car this morning contained the usual faces and hardly any new ones at all.  The mountain was more or less empty of skiers. The small number of businesses which are open in the village are not even ticking over, just marking time at best. 

Of course, for those few of us here, the fantastic snow and empty pistes make for great skiing and today was as good as it gets.  

A bitterly cold day, with sunshine and occasional snow flurries brought 10,538 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 57 kilometres travelled.


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