Still winter

It was snowing at breakfast time and has continued to do so all day.  The threatened warmer weather and heavy rain still dominate the forecast for tomorrow, but just at the moment, it is difficult to imagine that happening. The weather around here can change in the blink of an eye and definitely in the course of a night, so we will see in the morning.

This morning’s cable car was well populated, with 25 people on board according to the digital counter at the entrance to the platform.  They all disappeared quickly and it was another exceptionally quiet day on the mountain.

                                                   At the top of the Innerwengen chair

On the way back to Wengen, I made a quick diversion on to the Slalom course. The steep pitch half way down hardly ever seems to have much snow on it, being scraped and icy on the best of days. Today, it was powder snow all the way.

A day of heavy snow brought 5,426 vertical metres in 13 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.

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