The temperature has risen and the rain forecast for today turned up on cue. The avalanche risk has been high in consequence, so high that the Mannlichen-Scheidegg area was closed completely, other than the gondola between Grund and Holenstein. Furst was closed also. Murren had a couple of lifts open, but they were accessible only via Stechelberg. The Idle Skiers have been grounded, therefore, on what was a miserable day weather wise.

                                                                         Grey old day

A group of Polish skiers were by the cable car this morning, skis and boards at the ready, but all that were able to do was have a snowball fight in the rain. Let’s hope things are better tomorrow, although the forecast does not look promising.

A grey old day brought zero vertical metres in zero lift rides. The only kilometres travelled were between home and the high street.

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