Lunch break

A few weeks ago, when exactly is lost in time, the mountain restaurants were closed by the government’s virus restrictions. For a day or so, the lights were out and nobody was at home at any of the stops on the mountain.  However, operating as a take away is within the rules.  Suddenly, people were outside the Berghaus and elsewhere with a sandwich or a paper cup of soup. 

Other people have brought their own lunch.  I have been doing that for years. With many days on the mountain each season, a restaurant lunch every day would be an expensive option. It is more of a pit stop for me anyway, rarely lasting more than fifteen minutes.  However, in recent times, my favourite sunny benches have been taken up by newcomers.

It is interesting though, the lengths people will go to for their mid-day meal.  One family I see often bring a wooden board laden with cheese and charcuterie. They drink Prosecco from stemmed glasses.   Others bring mini raclette heaters (available at the Swiss Made Shop if you need one), powered by tea light candles.

Yesterday took the proverbial biscuit though. I stopped just above Arven, where a small hut has a couple of benches along the wall. On the far bench, a group was clustered around a Primus stove, on which sat a fondue pot.  The cheese was bubbling away nicely and the smell drifting in the damp air was enticing.  I ate quickly, and moved on.  

                                                          Towards Murren in the afternoon 

Mrs IS designated today a skiing day and the weather obliged with gorgeous blue sky weather.  It was busier than it has been for a while.  Just at the moment though, it having been so quiet for so long, more than ten people on the mountain seems like a crowd. 

A warm, sunny day with fresh snow on the ground brought 10,326 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.

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