Was it sunny yesterday?

It seems hard to believe that the sun shone yesterday. It was a dark grey sky this morning and raining here in the lower part of the village.

On the mountain, things were better. It was snowing and, on Mannlichen in the morning, the light was good for such a threatening sky.

                                                             Near Holenstein

Later on, things went downhill for a while. Visibility disappeared and the Idle Skier was reduced to a snail’s pace. On Wixi though, after the first cloudy run, the light improved. Oddly, the snow fall thickened at the same time and in the middle of the afternoon was as heavy as it has been all season.

It snowed most of the way home, but turned to rain at the edge of the village. Tomorrow looks set for the same weather.

A day of snow, with rain thrown in for good measure, brought 6,898 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 39 kilometres travelled.

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