Bullet proof snow

It was sunny when the Idle Skiers woke this morning and we were off to the cable car promptly to make the most of it.  

It had stopped raining finally sometime over night. The clear skies which followed allowed the wet snow to freeze.  This morning, inevitably, the snow was bullet proof.  The sun disappeared quickly as well, so conditions were less than perfect despite the early promise.  As always, though, perseverance paid off and by the time Mrs IS headed back to the village in the afternoon, the sun had returned, for a while at least. 

                                                               Wengen, from Allmend 

The Swiss holidays get under way properly this weekend, so the village should be busier than it has been for a few weeks. That must be good news for the businesses which are allowed to remain open, but for those of us who have become used to empty pistes, it will be a shock to the system.

An icy, skittery start to the day followed by some good snow conditions brought 8,417 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 43 kilometres travelled.

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