Winter still

The Idle Skiers were on their way up the hill to the village early this morning. It seemed warm, and warmer still in the Central Sport ski room, but on the mountain it was snowing and cold. It is winter still. The cloud was low as well. Although visibility was okay, we headed to Grund via Holenstein.

The cable car had been full, but yet again skiers disappeared quickly and after Holenstein, there were few people around at all. The skiing was good, though the piste bashers had broken up the piste towards the Hotel Aspen.

                                                             On the way to Grund

Mrs IS headed for home at lunchtime, but I carried on into the afternoon. Occasionally, the old day job still shows up for some attention and I was home by 3.30pm for the now ubiquitous video conference.

Another exceptional day, shortened by Microsoft Teams conferencing, brought 7,885 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 41 kilometres travelled.

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