Above the clouds

The walk up to the cable car was eerily quiet this morning and cloud hung over the village still.  The Idle Skier’s work commitments had drifted into today, so what passes for the morning rush hour at the moment had passed by the time I was heading for Central Sport. The lack of people was more than a mid morning lull though.  

This week was meant to be busy, despite everything happening in Switzerland and the wider world, but it hasn’t happened.  Maybe next week, which should see the peak of the February skiers, will be different. 

At about the half way mark on the cable car, we came out of the cloud into sunshine and blue skies. On the Grindelwald side of the hill, the clouds lurked at the level of the Holenstein mid station. As the day wore on, they crept up the mountain. 

                                                                    Clouds on their way 

The temperature has dropped again. On Wixi this afternoon it was bitingly cold and the next few days promise lower temperatures still. This is good of course, but my finger tips might disagree, if asked.

A cold, sunny day brought 8,821 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.

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